Maine Gem Cutter

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Cut By Evan Marc

Maine Gem Cutter is proud to offer American cut faceted gemstones.

We have rare  gemstones, facet rough and we custom stones with precision to your specifications.

Maine Gem Cutter stands for superior faceting, spectacular designs and the highest quality natural gemstones.

You will find unheated, untreated and unenhanced stones such as: mandarin garnet, sapphire, tsavorite, peridot,neon moonstone, ametrine, amethyst, opal, chrome diopside, Maine tourmaline and much more.

In the gem and jewelry industry cut is most important.  If you are looking for supreme cutting you will find it in an Evan Marc gemstone.

All classic gem shapes and designs are available including barion, cushion, heart, emerald,  marquise, opposed bar, pear, Portuguese round, princess, radiant, round brilliant, shield, square,  trillion, and more.

Each Evan Marc stone is cut using the proper angles resulting in exceptional brilliance and scintillation.

Whether you want a calibrated stone or custom free form you can get it here.

Whether you are a serious collector or just beginning your journey, Maine Gem Cutter provides hard to find gem mineral specimens as well as extraordinary cut and rough sets.

Ask about our specular hematite crystals, pyrite cubes, cave aragonite, ruby crystals, Columbian emerald crystals, pectolite, adamite, garnet crystals, sulfur crystals, gem grade Maine tourmaline crystals with and without matrix and much more.

Maine Gem Cutter offers a large selection of clean facet rough from around the world.

If it's rare or a bargain if we don't have it, we can get it.

Maine Gem Cutter inventory includes but is not limited to: Maine tourmaline, multi-colored sapphires, mandarin tsavorite, color change stones, golden beryl, imperial topaz, aquamarine, lightening ridge opal, fire opal, grossular garnet, zircon, rubellite, chrome tourmaline, malaya garnet, cat's eye danburite, dravite, chrome pyrope garnet, padparadscha, sphalerite and much more.  We stand by all of our products with our satisfaction guaranteed return policy.